Laurence Walsh-Hodson

Laurence Walsh-Hodson

Instructor Biography:

Screenwriter; WGA member whose credits include CSI: Miami and NCIS. Ms. Walsh co-produced and wrote on the critically acclaimed Syfy series The Dresden Files and Against the Wall. Her feature credits include Matching Hearts and With Love, Christmas for Hallmark and Carved for Fox.

Instructor Statement:

Writing TV and Film is like Rocket Science. You have to learn the formula before you can launch the idea. Look at what shows and films have come before to make sure your idea is fresh and surprising. Then build the project layer by layer starting with a strong character driven spine. A showrunner looking for new talent wants to hear your original voice, but also know you can deliver on tone, theme, meaning, scene description and dialogue. What you write should also reveal who you are and what you have experienced in life – the joy and the pain. This is what I teach…Rocket Science for TV and Film. Great writing can be taught, nurtured and learned.

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