Mariana Pensa

PhD in Comparative Literary Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. I write on Argentinean theatre, cinema, comparative theatre and popular culture, among others. I have presented papers in conferences in Argentina, Canada and the United States and written articles that have been published in academic journals and volumes. I am a reviewer for several publications.

My teaching philosophy is based on the fact that I believe the roll of a teacher should be that of a facilitator. I want to create learning environments in which students take pieces of knowledge to be expanded and explored. In other words, teachers do not have the last word regarding a subject matter. Rather, they have created an interest for students to further develop their knowledge. This helps learners to take ownership of their own learning. When this takes place, there is a self-motivating factor involved in the process. As a result, one not only retains knowledge longer, but will want to learn more.

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