Michael Jann

Michael Jann

Instructor Biography:

Emmy-nominated television writer; WGA member who served 22 years as a comedy monologue writer for The Tonight Show Starring with Jay Leno. Mr. Jann most recently served as a comedy writer for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and has written features and TV pilots for major studios.  He has also written for the National Lampoon and Cosmopolitan magazines.

Instructor Statement:

Learning should be fun. As a staff writer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon for two decades, I’ve had over ten thousand of my jokes told on air. The biggest thing I learned from that amazing experience was the realization that we don’t write for ourselves – this isn’t just therapy. We write to entertain. To move people. Whether it’s to make them laugh, cry, or cover their eyes, and squirm in their seat. There might be a great writer deep inside you. My job is to help you unleash him or her, and help you deliver the goods in a way that gets the reaction you crave. I’m now writing screenplays, full time. I’ve read countless screenwriting books, and met with the best gurus. And I get a real kick out of sharing with aspiring writers the best advice from the best instructors. I promise, “There will be fun.”

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