Nick Milodragovich

Nick Milodragovich

Instructor Bio:

Editors' Guild member whose credits include Better Call Saul, Coyote and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Other shows he's worked on have premiered on HBO, Netflix, Paramount, CBS All Access, ABC, NBC and Youtube. Nick also worked in HBO’s coveted Programming department, focusing on Barry, Veep and Silicon Valley. Nick runs an international education company that teaches the invisible art of growing good ideas.


Instructor Statement:

As a writer, you have a unique perspective and stories to share. If only it was as easy as clicking your heels to share them! So what gets in the way? It's not a lack of ideas—we all have ideas. It's having a reliable way to grow them into captivating stories.

I'm dedicated to helping you to build an "ideaverse"—your custom idea ecosystem—that will support & power your creative efforts. ‍

The frameworks you will learn are based on linking your ideas together. They have a clear outcome: to unlock your ability to work with ideas in a way that is fast, flexible, fun and future-proof.

I have taught these principles to thousands of people. They are flexible enough for you to nurture the seeds of a story, develop complex characters, write screenplays and even build entire worlds. When you have a creative space that consistently coaxes out your best thinking, you will marvel at how engaging your work becomes.

Sharing our stories is an act of courage—and vulnerability. I have seen first-hand how powerful it is when 18 year-olds interact with 80 year-olds, and when Ph.D.'s interact with D&D's (Dungeons & Dragons). Creating a space for those interactions is my job and joy. If you join my classroom, please know you'll be welcomed with open arms by me, and I expect you to do the same for your fellow students.

I truly hope that building your ideaverse will unlock and empower your creative efforts—enriching your life and the lives of those that your work touches.  

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