Patricia Verducci

Patricia Verducci


Instructor Biography:

MFA, writer-director; WGA member whose feature film, True Crime, starred Alicia Silverstone and Kevin Dillon. Ms. Verducci has written screenplays for Touchstone Pictures, FX, and Disney's animation division and served as a story consultant to Disney/Pixar. Her short films have screened at festivals worldwide as well as at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Instructor Statement

Ever watch Barton Fink?  The title character comes to Hollywood to make his fortune as a screenwriter, only to end up sitting in front of his typewriter, tortured by slow peeling wallpaper, typing the same sentence over and over again until finally he runs screaming down the halls, chased by a giant fireball. I believe every writer has talent, but that most of us can get derailed at some point in our work. In my course, we strip away the mystery that sometimes makes writing seem so daunting, and create a supportive, interactive community. We explore how films work, and help you find the central thematic spark that brings your screenplay to life. Mostly, we write. It's my goal to help you find the emotional spine of your story—the journey of your protagonist that will carry you through 110 pages. Because once you have this, there will be no fireballs in sight. You may still occasionally want to run screaming down the halls, but you'll know how to find your way back to your chair and write. Because that's what writers do.

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