rebecca Gadberry

Rebecca Gadberry


Rebecca Gadberry, FMSCC, is the world’s first Cosmetic Bioevangelist™. A dynamic, highly acclaimed educator, award-winning journalist and cosmetic industry leader, she is valued as one of the US skin care industry’s preeminent ingredient authorities. Rebecca is the first Marketing Fellow of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (FMSCC), a recipient of the Henry Maso award in 2014, past chair of the SCC’s California Chapter, and the former CEO of YG Laboratories, manufacturers of high performance skin care for niche and professional brands worldwide. Over her 40-year career, she has developed over 1300 products sold in the spa, medical, on-air, direct or natural product channels for indie, niche, established and start-up brands sold nationally and globally. The Senior Instructor and Course Coordinator for UCLA Extension’s world-renowned Cosmetic Sciences program since 1986, Rebecca is now dedicating her career to creating awareness of disruptive biosciences in the cosmetic industry, including microbiomics, epigenetics, and synthetic biology. She is also the 13th esthetician to be licensed in the state of California, circa 1977.

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