Shari Goodhartz

Shari Goodhartz

Instructor Bio:

WGA member; multi-award nominated writer whose credits include Dragonheart: A New Beginning, Young Hercules, and Aeon Flux. Ms. Goodhartz’s career spans corporate (Coca-Cola), TV and film (live-action, animation, development, producing, documentary), wellness, publishing, and marketing.

Instructor Statement:

IRL, making film & TV is challenging in so many ways, but it can also be fun. This is best accomplished in an environment where everyone is treated with dignity & respect, where all-too-common insecurities & stereotyping are mindfully recognized & dismantled. My passion is to help craft the highest quality work possible, while embracing the human need to safely share our stories with an open heart, allowing all people to be seen, heard and valued for who they truly are.  

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