Shiny-Burcu Unsal

Shiny Burcu Unsal

Shiny Burcu Unsal, a.k.a. “The Shiny One,” is a Global Award-Winning Creator of Neuro-Shine Technology™, a 40 Under 40 Awarded Licensed NLP Trainer, Professional Coach Trainer and an Executive Coach, specializing in the power of the mind. She is the Founder of Be-Live in U Training & the Author of YOU ARE A STAR! SHINE!

Starting her American Dream back in 2004 as an au pair in Los Angeles/CA, and losing her father to a shocking heart attack in 2006, Shiny embarks on a journey that travels deep within, searching for answers. 15,000 hours of training-received and 5,000 hours of training-given later, today Shiny is a voice for clarity, courage and confidence, leading transformations with oneness. Since 2011, she has trained over 5,000 people, personally certified over 250 people and her videos have been viewed over 250,000 times on YouTube. Shiny is a faculty member of UCLA designing and teaching Leadership and Emotional Intelligence courses. She is also an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council and a Motivational Speaker with a very unique, high positive energy. She’s been featured on CBS news, Hay House Radio,, Huffington Post and several other international blogs and podcasts, as well as top national TV channels, newspapers and magazines in Turkey.

Shiny takes full pride in transforming her own mother "from a miserable widow / retired teacher into an inspiring NLP enthusiast, who actively gives seminars in her home town in Turkey, after the age of 60!" She says she still coaches and trains her mother every day. She is also very proud to have graduated hundreds of international professionals from her Leadership Communication Strategies class she teaches at UCLA Extension, developing modern leaders to own their uniqueness, using her book as the textbook of the class.

In her educational background, Shiny has received degrees from METU (Turkey’s MIT), UCLA, Harvard Business School and University of Metaphysics. In her corporate career, she managed award-winning campaigns for Fortune 500 brands like Coca Cola, Kotex, BP and AVON at multinational advertising agencies like Ogilvy and McCann Erickson for a decade. Because she transformed her life with a blend of her spiritual experiences and NLP thought methodologies, she wholeheartedly believes in pushing humanity forward and making people shine with her own Neuro-Shine Technology™. That’s also the reason why she changed her name to Shiny, to represent the cosmic brilliance of the human mind when coherent with the heart. Her message to the world is “You have the power to BE, LIVE and BELIEVE anything you want. Be-Live in U and Let Your Power Shine Out!”

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