Tantra Bensko

Tantra Bensko

Instructor Biography:

MFA, fiction writer, poet, and award-winning author with hundreds of creative writing publications, four chapbooks, one Slipstream novella from ELJ Publications, and two full-length fiction books. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Ms. Bensko has a psychological suspense series, The Agents of the Nevermind published by Insubordinate Books. 

Instructor Statement:

Each story can transform you toward a perspective you couldn’t have come up with before starting, especially the more you push beyond accepted routines of what constitute narrative elements. Studying successful writing and methodology is inspiring in diverting the mind from habit while remaining highly compelling. Writing a manifesto and creative bios can help define what you are offering the world. I like to shake loose traditional boundaries of self and write, for example, about the flow of awareness in a room, or parallel realities intersecting. I release the addiction to major conflict in the arc of the action, and write about subjects media tries to hide.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Tantra is skilled and knowledgeable and I think she struck a very good balance between holding our feet to the fire and being extremely supportive. Her detailed feedback on our writing was excellent. I learned so much from her comments on my work and from reading her comments on others’ work.” — Writers’ Program Student

Blog: Click here to go to Tantra’s blog.

Instructor Website: Click here to go to Tantra’s website.

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