Victoria Charles

Victoria Charles

After a thriving career in global marketing for more than a decade, Victoria Charles crossed over to the greener side. As a sustainability practitioner, Victoria has ten years of progressively responsible experience in the diversified areas of sustainability: assessing and reporting, stakeholder engagement, education, and program development. Victoria successfully advises businesses, local governments and schools how to implement sustainable best practices into the core of their organization, by emphasizing the value of working collaboratively to reduce impact on the environment. Following her passion and love for education and ecologically awareness she stepped into the role of Professor. She empowers her students with her experience of how to increase sustainability awareness through trained methodologies and the knowledge needed to understand environmental policies, regulations, and understanding sustainability-based principles. She is an international keynote speaker on ecological awareness and climate action. Victoria has received her Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Association, accreditation. Additionally, she has received a certification in sustainable resource management and recycling and her Masters in Sustainability Leadership from Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability. Most recently, she is the founder and creator of the Climate Action Leadership Program, which bridges the looming environmental leadership education gap in the K-12 public school system.

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