Warren Lewis

Warren Lewis

Instructor Biography:

M.F.A., screenwriter/producer; WGA member who wrote Black Rain directed by Ridley Scott and The 13th Warrior starring Antonio Banderas. Mr. Lewis wrote, produced, and directed the documentary Coming to Light. He has also sold and developed both features and pilots for Warner Bros., FOX, Paramount, Ensemble Entertainment and Sony Pictures, among many others.

Instructor Statement:

As a teacher it is important to me to be as respectful to my students as I am to my audience as a screenwriter. I work with my students to teach story structure; how silence can be more eloquent than a page of dialogue, to express the internal visually, that word and gesture, action and stillness all express a character’s biography and destiny; how the tools and crafts of our filmmaker colleagues help tell our story. We continually strive to perfect, but reach beyond technique, to tell our stories to audiences we know, and to people of other cultures in a global market. This is why I help students explore the works of others. Nothing has ever traveled through time and across the world like film. As writers, our tools are words. But as screenwriters our words serve to create the images that are our cultural memory, our biography and destiny.

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