William Badgley

William Badgley

Instructor Bio:

Documentary writer, director & editor whose credits include Let Me Take You Down (MGM/SKY), Knowing (Titmouse Animation), Rebel Dread (Bohemia Media), Here to Be Heard (Head Gear) and Karp Lives! (Molasses Manifesto). Additional credits include The Killer Tape Podcast (Audio Up) and True Life (MTV).

Instructor Statement: 

Most people don’t think of writing, when they think of documentary, but the order in which the words flow within a given piece of documentary content, ultimately determines the difference between content that has the potential to connect with someone’s soul, and content that falls flat.

Writing for documentary, when done correctly, provides a doorway, not only between the documentary writer and the viewer, but also between the documentary writer and themselves. After all, it is essentially impossible for a viewer to go on an emotional journey with the content, if the documentary writer hasn’t first embarked on a journey of their own.

It is my goal to provide anyone who processes a desire to express themselves through story, the tools they will need to go on that limitless journey of self-discovery, uniquely available through the careful examination of the lives and experiences of their subjects.

Together, we will explore these tools, processes and fundamentals that make this journey possible.  

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