Zac Hug

Zac Hug

MFA, television writer/producer, WGA member

Instructor Biography:

MFA, television writer, playwright, WGA member whose credits include Drop Dead DivaShadowhunters, and Hallmark movies Road to Christmas and the Christmas in Evergreen seriesOther credits include the webseries These People, and the Outfest short film Lazy (Sunday).

Instructor Statement:

I am here to help you travel the distance between the writer you already are and the writer you will be in the future. I will talk a lot about both the big ideas and little details involved in beginning, middle, and end. I’m dedicated to helping you learn the structure underneath the stories that are important to you, and I will always do my best to keep my personal opinion, my political or moral or social background, and even my sense of taste from interfering in your process. I sincerely invite you to offer feedback to me on the material presented, and to keep me honest in how you are feeling about the work we do. I will listen without judgment and seek every opportunity to help. That’s also what I ask of you. By joining a classroom setting, we’re all committing to helping each other see the distance between what we hope people take away from our writing, and what we’ve written. And so, let’s agree to talk about the work in a way that helps each writer find clarity, rather than imposing our own ideas onto their work. Let’s agree to be helpful without being pushy, to learn how to be open and strong at the same time. Let’s all try to listen more than we speak. As a writing class, we will use language that is affirming, compassionate, and we will stay open to being educated as to why some words are used for effect in writing, while remaining inappropriate for daily use. Let’s all remain aware that we’re a group of individuals who are arriving from different perspectives. Let’s all agree to act with good intention, do a little more than we think we need, to keep each other honest, and to respect everyone’s opinions, quirks, and backgrounds. Let’s be better than we think we should be. 

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