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The Write Process Podcast

One writer, one project, from concept to completion.

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Every writer’s process is their own. In this podcast, host Charlie Jensen invites one writer to sit down and recount how one of their projects made it into the world. Over the course of these episodes, listeners will discover the many ways inspiration shows up and guides a writer’s work, the different schedules (and lack of schedules) writers need to get their drafts done, how they approached revision, and finally, the steps they took to get their book, movie, or TV episode into the world. Listeners new to writing will get insight into how to navigate the writing process, while even experienced writers can benefit from the tips, tricks, and even the familiar woes of the writing life. These are the stories behind our stories. 

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Charles Jensen, Program Director, UCLA Extension Writers’ Program

Charles “Charlie” Jensen (he/him) is the author of three poetry collections (most recently Instructions between Takeoff and Landing) and seven chapbooks. The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs designated him a Cultural Trailblazer in 2019. He directs the Writers’ Program at UCLA Extension. See Bio


The Write Process Podcast

Listen to one writer tell the story of how they took one project from concept to completion—the joyful highs, the devastating lows, the lessons learned, and everything in between.

Every writer’s path is unique, but these stories are both inspiring and informative, full of tips and tricks anyone can use in their writing.

Charles Jenson
Program Director, UCLA Extension Writers’ Program
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