Histology for the Health Sciences: Basic Tissues of the Body

PATH X 405

A typical histology course studied across medical, dental and allied health schools, it offers a perspective of basic tissues and organs of the body.


What you can learn.

  • View histological sections of body tissues using innovative virtual microscopy
  • Explore how tissues are specialized to perform functions in different organs
  • Discuss the structural components of a mammalian cell and the roles each of these structures perform in cell function
  • Outline various staining methods that are used to demonstrate specific features of different tissues and organs
  • Recognize epithelium, connective tissues, muscle, and nerves in their various forms in different organs
  • Recognize blood cells in a blood smear and know their functions

About this course:

All body organs are made up of combinations of the four basic tissues: epithelium, connective tissue, muscle, and nervous tissue. In this course you examine these four basic tissues and look at how they are specialized to perform specific functions in different organs. Along with Histology for the Health Sciences II: Organ Systems, you apply the knowledge you have gained in this course to examine the histological structure and cellular specializations of organs and organ systems of the body. This curriculum in histology is typical of what students study in medical, dental, and allied health courses at universities throughout the world. What makes this course unique is the opportunity for you to become engaged with innovative learning resources through a number of interactive tools presented within an online learning platform, coupled with modern online pedagogy. Another exciting feature is being able to view histological sections of body tissues and organs using innovative virtual microscopy tools.
Basic knowledge in biology.

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