Osteoimmunology: Bone and Immune Interactions and Related Pathologies


This interactive course focuses on the interconnectivity between bone, immune biology, and certain pathological states.


What you will learn.

  • Address bone pathologies and bone metabolism
  • Explore the fundamentals of immune biology as it relates to bone biology

About this course:

This course addresses the ontogenesis of the osteoimmune processes and discusses bone pathologies that involve immune responses, such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and osteonecrosis through the normal human life span. The interactive curriculum includes a balanced mix of lectures; individual performance; group work; and online discussion on the subject of the interaction and interconnectivity between bone, immune biology, and certain pathological states. Basic courses in human physiology and immunology are recommended prerequisites.
PHYSCI XL 3 Introduction to Human Physiology and MIMG X 401 Fundamentals of Immunology or equivalent course work.

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