UCLAxFilmFest 2023

The 8th Annual UCLAxFilmFest will showcase a selection of bold, outstanding short films by current and previous Entertainment Studies students.

In light of the current strikes in the entertainment industry, UCLAxFilmFest 2023 is postponed. We strive to give our filmmakers the best opportunity to connect with industry professionals who can help their careers, and the current industry environment is not conducive to helping develop those connections. This postponement will not affect official selections and we look forward to celebrating our filmmakers’ accomplishments at a future date. More information will be communicated as the situation develops.

Announcing the
UCLAxFilmFest 2023 Official Selections:

Andean Condor
Directed by William Mazzola*
Written by Carol Saraiva*
Produced by Livia Bitetti & Ariela Hertel

Cracks in the Foundation
Directed by Tessie McCoy* & Tajianna Okechukwu
Written by Tessie McCoy
Produced by Tessie McCoy* & Tajianna Okechukwu
Cinematography by Seretse Njemanze
Original Score by Joshua McGhee

Written & Directed by Christopher Hills Eaton*
Animation Direction by Aaron Brown
Produced by Anderson Clark, Christopher Hills Eaton* & Brad Post
Original Score by Jack Sligh

Written & Directed by Dylan Boom
Produced by Connie Jo Sechrist* and Jordan Horowitz
Executive Producer Andrew Carlberg
Cinematography by Adam Leene
Original Score by Zach Letts

En Pointe
Directed by Megan Lee*
Written by Megan Lee* & Samantha K. Tan
Produced by Joseph Choi*, Samantha K. Tan & Samuel King Yen Lin
Cinematography by Joseph Choi*
Film Scoring by Emily Wong

Exit, Pursued by a Bear
Directed by Jessica Redish*
Written by Jessica Redish* and Michael Mahler
Produced by Jessica Redish* and Tanner Medding

Food Broker: Doris
Directed by Lo Lam* & Justine Suh
Produced by Emily Kalish & Lo Lam*
Cinematography by Emily Kalish & Lo Lam*
Original Score by Peter Lam

Learning to Ride
Written & Directed by Luisa Parnes*
Produced by Rabia Sultana & Muriel Moraes

Let’s Bring them Alive
Directed by Eli Sokhn
Written by Yasemin Isil* & Azize Erim
Produced by Yasemin Isil* & Azize Erim

No Updates Till Tomorrow
Written & Directed by Gerard Dy*
Produced by Gerard Dy* & Bingyu Wang 

Written & Directed by Jules Cachin
Produced by Nicolas Pignant*
Cinematography by Marin Payot

Tender Scent
Written & Directed by Teng Chen
Produced by Komal Ashfaq, Michelle Snow & Lidmercy Marrero Giron
Cinematography by Wen Tong
Original Score by Yuenkwan Cheung*

The 1971 Kitchen Grand Brie
Written, Directed & Produced by Ian Beckman*

The Bow
Directed by Marie Rouhban*
Written & Produced by Juliette P Poirier*
Cinematography by Audrey Biche

The Dot
Written & Directed by Efe Tuncay*
Produced by Yusuf Selcuk

The Intruder
Written & Directed by Qian Cheng*
Produced by Qian Cheng* & Yuxia Li
Cinematography by Lucas Dudley

Written, Directed & Produced by Niloufar Khoshkholgh*

Directed by Christopher Stevens*
Written by Christopher Stevens* & Hunter Daniels
Produced by Christopher Stevens*, Hunter Daniels & Nicholas Glassner

When the Time Comes
Written by Jondaniel Cornett*
Directed & Produced by Jondaniel Cornett* & Jonathan Frey

Where it Happened
Written & Directed by Raissa Reis*
Produced by Maya Alvarez, Shannon Little*, Michael Manix & Raissa Reis*


Congratulations to our UCLAxFilmFest 2022 Winners

Best Film: Imelda and Luis
Written, Directed and Produced by Leonel Chee*
Produced by Ale Garcia and Antonio Urdapilleta

Entertainment Studies Award: A Matter of Time
Written & Directed by Yang Liu*
Produced by Yudong Guan & Yang Liu*

Best Unique & Artistic Film: A Sense of Joy
Written, Directed & Produced by Roisin Jones
Composed by John Kelleher*

Best Director: Kate Cobb for Dandelions
Directed & Produced by Kate Cobb*
Written by Kevin Bigley 

Best Composer: John Kelleher for A Sense of Joy
Written, Directed & Produced by Roisin Jones
Composed by John Kelleher*

Audience Choice Award: The Studio Assistant
Written & Directed by Glenn Kimball*
Produced by Katrina Rotondo* & Glenn Kimball*
Scored by Miguel Mariaca*

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