Building Your Brand as a Writer


Learn how to express what makes you and your writing voice unique in this professional development course devoted to articulating your "brand"--all the things you and your work stand for.


What you can learn.

  • Articulate what makes your voice essential
  • Evaluate and describe your own writing persona
  • Draw on techniques from various forms of professional writing
  • Create a document that explains who you are as a writer and where your work fits

About this course:

Writers at any level can benefit from thinking about their brand: Why is your voice essential? What conversations do you want to enter? How can you build a community around your words? It’s not just about posting to social media, it’s about storytelling your career and identity as a writer, and finding allies along the way to champion you (and vice versa). In this 3-hour interactive seminar, students will evaluate and hone their public personas as writers and think intentionally about their audience. Using a mix of techniques drawn from artist statement writing, business planning, and content marketing, students will leave class with a first draft of a brand bible for their small business: themselves.
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