The Business of Writing


Learn the strategies and tips you need to success and thrive as a professional writer and develop a strong, long lasting career.


What you can learn.

  • Understand how to develop a personal brand as a writer
  • Identify the various roles you need on your professional "team," from accountants to lawyers
  • Get insight into how to diversify your income streams and sustain your career
  • Discover the unique value of your work and yourself as a writer to draw readers to your books and events

About this course:

In the creative writing world, we often hear only what to do that might garner the coveted publishing contract. But say you get that deal. Now what? In this course, you’ll learn the strategies and tips to succeed and continue to thrive as a professional writer. This includes: vision-casting for your unique gifts and interests; marketing and branding yourself and your work (and how to partner with a publisher in this); whether and how to work with accountants, agents, and lawyers; selecting strategic venues and events in which to participate; diversifying revenue streams (through in-person appearances, workshops, sales, and more); making your live readings sought-after events that are engaging and resonant; and in all of it, knowing your worth and confidently discussing money with all the relevant professionals. Through focused lectures, illustrations, selected readings, and targeted video excerpts, participants will gain clarity about how to navigate the practical, behind-the-scenes realities to become–and remain–a working author.

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