Master Class in Novel Writing


Get intensive, individualized instruction as you rewrite your novel and set yourself up to prepare agents and publishers to turn your manuscript into a book you are proud to have written. 


What you can learn.

  • Give and get feedback from similarly motivated writers working at a very high level
  • Forge a collaborative writing community with classmates over 9 months of work
  • Complete a thorough rewrite of your book
  • Get feedback from a professional agent on your manuscript

About this course:

This dynamic and rigorous Master Class in Novel Writing is designed for those serious about revising and polishing their novels and getting published. The nine-month, 30-week structure allows for intensely individual instruction, peer critiques from a community of liked-minded, talented writers, and a focus on process and results. Each participant's unique voice is cultivated so that it remains true to the singular vision for his or her novel, while ongoing one-on-one mentoring by a professional novelist provides distinctly personal support. Workshops include discussion and implementation of the basic craft elements of writing including, but not limited to, developing structure, creating vibrant, memorable characters, setting and maintaining tone, creating scenes that further your theme, and the art of revision. Guest speakers (authors, agents, editors) share their insights on writing, publishing and staying balanced through the sometimes daunting process of it all. Master Class students' novel excerpts are submitted to an established agent for review and consideration at the completion of the course. Participants may withdraw their application anytime before acceptance. A full novel manuscript submission and a $10 nonrefundable application fee are required.

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Speak to a program representative. Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm.

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