Poetry Toolbox


Build up your writing skills in this crash course covering the most essential and most effective tools, from imagery to sound, from the poet’s toolbox that can be applied to writing of all kinds.


What you can learn.

  • Read contemporary poetry to learn how poets apply craft techniques to their work
  • Learn how to create striking images that avoid familiar clichés
  • Enhance description through mastery of figurative language
  • Practice employing poetic techniques in your writing

About this course:

Poets push language to the limits of its potential by forming words into sounds and images. In this workshop, you read examples from diverse contemporary poets as you learn how to craft images while avoiding clichés, employ simile and metaphor to enhance description, and apply the effects of sound as masterful elements of your poetry. In reading and discussing contemporary works and the works of classmates, you learn how poets choose and use these essential writing tools to craft poems that are striking, inspiring, and unforgettable.

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