Write a Novel in a Month as Part of National Novel Writing Month


Dive right into to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) with this workshop designed to help you achieve success with pre- and post-November activities.


What you can learn.

  • Learn strategies to succeed in the fast-paced 30-day novel writing challenge
  • Plot out your novel’s basic story and structure
  • Write for five weeks in a supportive community of committed writers
  • Workshop your work-in-progress to get insight on how to edit and proceed with your draft
  • Identify ways to move your work toward publication

About this course:

Write a novel in a month! Is it possible? Over 100,000 writers around the world in 2016 thought so. The challenge of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is to write an entire draft of a 50,000-word novel over the 30 days of November. Before launching into one of the wildest writing experiences ever, you meet twice with the instructor and classmates to develop the essential strategies you need to complete your novel draft. Then, for the next five weeks of this "write-shop," you write with the instructor offering writing exercises and tips designed to generate material and move your draft along, word-by-word, to the 50,000-word goal. At the eighth meeting, we discuss the next steps in moving you toward publication and have a class reading, just like a published author would. Our last two classes are workshops to get you started on the revision process.  You come out of the course with a draft of your novel, a start in revising, and the tools to decide where to go from there. Come prepared with writing materials.

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