Television Pro-Series


Complete a Television Certificate as you develop a spec of an existing series and original pilot, with weeks devoted to professional development and revision practices.


What you can learn.

  • Learn to write a powerful script of an existing series
  • Craft an original pilot that captures your unique vision
  • Understand screenwriting from pitching to forming business relationships to submitting to competitions
  • Polish your completed script drafts in a supportive community of writers

About this course:

In this highly intensive, focused, and collaborative workshop environment, you complete a solid draft of your spec script of an existing series and an original pilot.  In the spec phase of the course, you begin by refining your story idea and the outline. You then continue to write your script, focusing on capturing the essence of the show through its act structure, plot, multiple storylines, characters, scenes, and dialogue. During the pilot phase of the course, you take a concept for a television series and develop it through outline, the pitch, first draft, and the bible. You focus on complex characterization, structure, and the pilot story and potential for future episodes, and gain an in-depth understanding of the marketplace and where your series concept may be best suited, whether multi-camera, single-camera, drama, dramedy, or animation. Professional development is another key component to having a successful writing career. Topics including forming business relationships, pitching in meetings, preparing for rejection/success, submitting to competitions and fellowships, etc., is also covered. Lastly, you take your completed script drafts and polish them to be ready to take out to agents, producers, studios, and networks.
Submit your strongest writing sample that showcases your storytelling abilities, such as the first ten pages of a screenplay, a short story, article, play, etc.  Also attach a one-to-two page personal statement, a resume, plus up to three loglines for a new project you wish to develop in the course. Participants will not be charged the full course fee unless they are selected for the series.

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