Story and Plot


Work to amplify the impact of your plot in telling your story in this technique workshop using readings and discussion to further your craft.


What you can learn.

  • Focus on creating authentic cause-and-effect driven action in your writing
  • Identify how elements of craft and storytelling play a role in your plot and story
  • Learn how to create plots that escalate toward a climax in a larger story world and context
  • Connect the impact of characters on the function of story and plot

About this course:

This workshop focuses on how to create original stories based upon authentic cause-and-effect-driven action. We develop skills in using character, setting, tone, theme, internal and external conflict, surprise, and crisis--the fuel for your story's race towards its climax. In particular, you learn the stepping stones of a fresh, tight, coherent plot: a series of escalating actions designed to challenge your characters so that they naturally reveal their strengths and flaws in a unique and powerful story.

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