Refund deadlines are printed on your enrollment payment receipt. For refund requests received by postal mail, the postmark must reflect the deadline date or earlier.

Drop and Transfer Refunds

Current UCLA Extension students can request to drop or transfer from a course by logging into our Student Portal and selecting the course(s) from the My Enrollment History menu. 

Drop Refunds. If you drop your UCLA Extension course, an administrative fee will be withheld from your total refund amount. A $30 administrative fee will be withheld from your total course fee, and a $50 administrative fee will be withheld if you are dropping a UCLA Concurrent Enrollment course.

Course Transfer Refunds. If you are transferring from one Extension course to another on or before the final refund date, you will not be assessed an administrative fee. If your course is canceled, discontinued, or rescheduled, or if your application to transfer to a restricted course is not approved, we will contact you and issue a full refund of your course fee. 


  • Depending on the fees for the course to which you are transferring, you may either receive a partial refund or be responsible for paying the difference in cost.
  • Any discount applied during your initial enrollment may not apply when you transfer to a different course.
  • Allow five business days for refunds to your credit card and ten business days for refunds by check.
  • UCLA Extension does not issue cash refunds.

Student Account Balances

Dormant account balances left unused for 180 days will be refunded to you in full. Enrollment funds received from donors or sponsors are considered gifts to students, and any unused gift balances will be refunded to you after the 180-day retention period. UCLA Extension does not accept restricted funds received from donors and sponsors.

Special Refund Policies

If the course you are enrolled in has a special refund policy, it will be printed in the section description or as a special program announcement. In these special cases, the refund deadlines are typically earlier than normal and the amounts withheld from your refund are typically higher.

Is Anything Nonrefundable?

Application fees for certificate candidacy and other miscellaneous fees are nonrefundable.

Exceptions to Refund Policies

Requests for exceptions to our refund policies will only be considered under extraordinary documentable circumstances and must be received within 90 days from your section end date. Send a letter describing your circumstances with appropriate documentation to the UCLA Extension Refund Coordinator to the exceptions contact information below.

Contact Us

Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

General Refunds
UCLA Extension Enrollment Center
1145 Gayley Ave, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA  90024
Phone: 800-825-9971

Exceptions to Refund Policy
UCLA Extension Refund Coordinator
1145 Gayley Ave, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA  90024
Phone: 310-825-6130

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