Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


This course is a project-based exploration of advanced topics in GIS and geospatial technology, with a focus upon spatial modeling, advanced spatial analysis and geoprocessing, spatial data manipulation, and geocomputation.


What you can learn.

  • Apply advanced spatial analysis and data visualization methods to solving real-world problems and answering geographic research questions
  • Develop the ability to ask higher-order geographic questions and to solve advanced geographically-based problems
  • Assess potential and consequences of geospatial technologies
  • Develop computing, problem solving, and project management skills for GIS projects
  • Explore techniques, methods, and concepts related to advanced themes in GIS
  • Perform quality control assessments of GIS projects

About this course:

This course is a project-based exploration of advanced topics in GIS and geospatial technology, with a focus upon spatial data analysis and visualization techniques. Students complete a series of hands-on weekly projects, each of which focuses upon the use of a defined subset of spatial data analysis and visualization methods in addressing real-world problems and scenarios. Advanced spatial analysis methods covered in this course include network analysis, cost distance analysis, site selection and optimization, interpolation, multi-layer raster data analysis (map algebra), and other related techniques. Basic concepts and techniques associated with spatial statistics, including clustering and spatial dynamics, are also introduced in an applied context. Students will be earning transferable UCLA course credit for all courses in the certificate program. This course is accredited and approved by the UCLA Academic Senate as a credit-bearing course. It carries lower-division undergraduate credit. Weekly activities include reviewing video lectures, technical screencasts, and readings. Completing practical assignments involve the use of GIS methods to address real-world scenarios; Self-assessment using automated non-graded quizzes; and more.

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