Introduction to Curriculum and Learning Environments


This online course covers early childhood developmentally appropriate curriculum methods; creating learning environments; and implementation of effective early childhood management techniques.

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What you can learn.

  • Design a classroom to meaningfully engage young learners
  • Create play-based learning environments
  • Plan, implement and evaluate developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • Identify strategies to support children’s pro-social behavior, positive sense of self, and competence
  • Develop effective skills for collaborating with families
  • Learn to implement programs that embrace diversity, inclusivity and equity

About this course:

This online course covers early childhood, developmentally appropriate curriculum methods. Students will learn to design, equip, plan, and implement engaging learning environments for supporting developmental goals and knowledge. Learn to create optimal curricula and learning experiences based on theory, observation, and assessment within a context of relationships and play.  Develop strategies for culturally-relevant curricula. Embed activities designed to establish children’s positive attitudes and behaviors for learning, pro-social behavior, a strong sense of self, competence, and emotion regulation. Understand how the curriculum and learning environment can guide cognitive, social, and emotional development and mitigate challenging behaviors. Students are required to observe young children. This is a lower-division (entry level) college class. This is also an intensive class. We are completing a full course in only 8 weeks. Expect to spend around 12 hours per week to complete everything in each week’s module. Before you take this course, we recommend you take the Child Development course and the course on Foundations of Early Care and Education, unless you have significant classroom experience with children already.

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