Supervised Field Work Practicum

COM HLT X 470.11

Extending over two quarters, this mandatory supervised practicum is designed for students who complete all prerequisite courses in the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certificate.


What you can learn.

  • Experiment and expand your counseling skills while taking "safe risks" in counseling
  • Explore the clinical aspects of counseling and legal requirements of addiction treatment centers
  • Participate in supervised groups to explore difficult behaviors and clients with co-occuring disorders

About this course:

The Supervised Field Work Practicum, extending over two quarters, is designed for students who have completed the prerequisite courses in the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certificate. Students are assigned a minimum of 255 hours of on-site agency internship and must attend classroom meetings to attain the requirements for completion. The classroom meetings are a combination of lecture, supervision, and experiential processes. The goal is to create an environment in which the students will experiment with counseling skills, take "safe risks" in expanding their counseling repertoire, and receive support from their peers and guidance from the instructor. Students will increase confidence and knowledge, both in the clinical aspects of counseling and legal requirements related to the operations of addiction treatment centers. Emphasis is placed on core aspects of counseling. Students participate in supervised groups to practice counseling techniques and interact with guest speakers during lectures.
Students must successfully complete all prerequisite courses to receive permission to enroll.

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