Jeannie Lin

Jeannie Lin

Instructor Biography:  Jeannie Lin, USA TODAY bestselling and award-winning author of the Lotus Palace mystery series and the steampunk Gunpowder Chronicles series. Ms. Lin is a Romance Writers Association Golden Heart recipient for debut novel Butterfly Swords. Her other works include Red Blossom in Snow and the Princess Shanyin series.

Instructor Statement:  My role as an instructor is two-fold. I am both an experienced guide and fellow traveler in the writing journey. As a guide, I aim to provide constructive and supportive feedback, while encouraging exploration. As a fellow traveler, I recognize that each individual brings their own strengths and unique perspective to the conversation. The act of writing authentically requires that each individual writer tap into their unique source motivation, inspiration, and voice. There is no “one way” to write and there is not one path to finding your story. It is more important to teach writers how to analyze and critically examine writing, what works and why, than to work on how to polish and improve the writing on the page. From my background as a science and technical instructor, I believe in the value of breaking down and analyzing writing elements. Effective writing can be taught through a cycle of exploration and self-evaluation. Failure is not a monster to be feared and avoided, but rather an opportunity to improve. Collaboration and support is key to the learning process. Writing is a communicative process and I encourage open and vibrant discussion in the classroom.

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Summer 2024

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