Joseph P. Reynolds

JP REYNOLDS is the founder of The Business Of Confidence—a consultancy group that works from the belief that business is all about relationships. And relationships are all about smart, healthy communication.

His communication skills workshops and coaching have benefited managerial personnel from a diversity of corporate clients including, Citibank, The Analysis Group, Rand Corporation, Nielsen Media, TPI, Direct TV, Hilton Hotels, Veterans’ Administration Hospital, as well as local city government agencies and organized labor.

Reynolds has been listed four times in the “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.”

In the early 1980’s he lived on the remote Pacific island of Chuuk—a pre-literate society devoid, at that time, of most Western technology.  A life-changing experience, his writings since have explained the interplay between business, technology and the interpersonal. 

Partnering with clients as they hone their communication skills, he teaches people how to present themselves and their ideas with insight and confidence.

He regularly blogs with The Huffington Post and writes a bi-monthly column on communication and relationships for The Tolucan Times.

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