Horticulture Internship (4-unit)

BIOLGY X 499.999

Internships provide students the opportunity to gain hands-on industry experience.


What you can learn.

  • Apply theory within a working environment
  • Practice hands-on skills such as nursery management, plant production and propagation, botanical garden operations and maintenance, community garden management
  • Acquire professional work experience within the industry
  • Gain valuable knowledge from professionals working in the field

About this course:

The internship provides students with a unique experiential learning opportunity in the horticulture field. The internship site is selected by the eligible student allowing them to create a distinctive independent learning experience. The purpose is to apply the material learned in the horticulture certificate courses to a workplace setting, acquiring valuable job skills. Students gain hands-on experience by working on real industry problems/projects in the private or public sector or in a nonprofit organization. Students intern for a minimum of 120 working hours. Internship to be completed in 11 weeks or one quarter.   Internships are a minimum of 120 hours. Students interested in an internship should focus on an area within the horticulture field that they are interested. 
Students must completed 50% (three courses) of the core courses in the Horticulture Certificate before they can apply for an internship. Program Director approval is required prior to enrollment. Call the Horticulture Program Office to start this process. 310-825-9414

A complete internship application and agreement form is required to enroll in an internship section, whether paid or unpaid. Only fully-executed internship agreement forms will be accepted. Students are responsible for reviewing and understanding the terms and conditions of enrollment, as well as policy AA102  prior to enrollment.  

Students intern for a minimum of 120 working hours. Internship to be completed within 11 weeks or one quarter.  


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