Capstone Project Studio

ARCH X 472.15D

The final design class culminates in a self-directed project that demonstrates compentency in site selection, analysis, programing a site, conceptualizing a design, and rendering a final conceptual design proposal booklet.


What you can learn.

  • Plan and coordinate the work process for carrying out a landscape design project of significant scale and scope
  • Generate solutions to complex design issues using both deductive and inductive thinking processes
  • Identify and develop conceptual models, diagrams, etc., applying site analysis, context, precedents, and other relationships/research, in order to explore and test solutions to design issues
  • Incorporate skills, techniques, theory, and design processes that demonstrate minimum professional proficiency in landscape architecture theory, design and graphics
  • Present an original design solution graphically and verbally and a booklet documenting the design process and the solution

About this course:

The Capstone Project Studio is an intensive course in which students develop a comprehensive and creative final design project that reflects their special interests and demonstrates the theory, skills and knowledge acquired over the two-and-a-half prior years of study in the Landscape Architecture Program. Students select individual projects and complete the Capstone Studio Project in 12 weeks. Small studio groups meet twice weekly under instructor guidance to review their work in progress. Class sessions include discussion of design theory and process, programming, design concepts and graphic communication. The student prepares for weekly critiques and meets milestones. Completed projects are presented before instructors, guidance committee members and local professionals at approximately week 11.
X 472.15C Capstone Project Seminar.

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