Grading and Drainage

ARCH X 472.12A

Using graphic conventions and calculations, grading and drainage techniques used in every landscape architecture project are applied to grade a complex site while considering public health, safety, and welfare.


What you can learn.

  • Understand contour signatures ­and the ability to utilize them in grading design through the manipulation of contour lines
  • Use the three basic grading formulas to calculate grade, length, and vertical difference in elevation
  • Use the cross slope formula to design plane surfaces to a specific cross slope
  • Design drainage systems
  • Understand and apply stormwater management design concepts, including the design of retention and detention basins and erosion control
  • Use cut and fill calculations using common methods of determining soil volumes

About this course:

This course covers the basic grading and drainage techniques used in every landscape architecture project. Students learn the skills necessary to grade a site of moderate complexity while considering public health, safety, and welfare. Instruction covers contour signatures and contour manipulation by cutting and/or filling and stormwater management techniques including low-impact design, bioretention, and detention and retention areas. Basic grading formulas and cut and fill calculations are presented. The course also introduces landform grading and erosion control together with road and path layout and alignment for pedestrian and vehicular circulation.
ARCH X 472.4D Design Graphics I, ARCH X 471.1B Landscape Design 2, ARCH X 493.992 Introduction to AutoCAD, or equivalent as determined by the program office.

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