Landscape Design 3: Advanced Site Design

ARCH X 471.2

Applying site inventory and analysis with a site program, students create their design process and concept development using real sites in interesting urban and semi-urban environments. Use of computer modeling programs is highly encouraged.


What you can learn.

  • Apply formal organizational techniques covered in Design 1 and 2
  • Develop design processes using diagrams through drawings, photographs, and models
  • Review and critique of existing conditions leading to site specific responses
  • Develop an understanding of how program statements can build in complexity
  • Using context analysis, program analysis, and each individual's intuition, show how the development of a basic idea, organizing principals and diagrams guides your project
  • Explore the vertical dimension by encouraging designing in section and using three dimensional drawings

About this course:

This course introduces the student to the landscape architectural design process, emphasizing site inventory, analysis, program, design process, and concept development. Projects are mid- to large-scale sites you can actually visit, such as civic plazas, freeway capping projects, downtown urban redevelopment, etc. The design program for each project is defined by the instructor. Presentation graphics are both hand-drawn and/or physically built. Students also use computer modeling, rendering, 3D modeling, InDesign, Sketchup, and Photoshop. Final presentation products utilize hand graphics with blended use of CAD and 3D modeling as background support only.
ARCH X 471.1A Landscape Design 1; ARCH X 471.1B Landscape Design 2; ARCH X 472.4F Design Graphics 3.

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