Career and Technical Education Credential Program

Partner with your school district employer to chart an exciting pathway into the teaching profession. This credential program enables talented industry professionals in select fields to begin teaching and leads to a California Designated Subjects Career & Technical Education (CTE) teaching credential through the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). Format: Online

This program is perfect for...

  • Educators with prior school district approval and qualifying employment in their industry sector
  • School districts building college and career pipelines to new professional/creative fields for K-12 students
  • School districts addressing critical staffing needs and seeking talented, committed educators
  • Industry professionals and creatives with valuable career experience and a commitment to teaching in diverse classrooms

What you can learn.

  • Teaching and learning concepts informed by experiential research
  • Best practices for recognizing and growing the unique skills of diverse students
  • Curriculum design and lesson planning skills relevant to your professional field
  • Classroom management and occupational safety strategies
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to attain a California clear CTE credential

Your Pathway into Teaching


The CTE Credential in California program is a unique pathway into the teaching profession. It offers school districts the opportunity to hire talented and committed professionals with at least three years of qualified industry experience, in order to fill critical positions in designated subjects. 

Candidates begin by working closely with their school district employer to determine the industry sector required for a qualifying teaching role. Once this determination is made, candidates work with UCLA Extension to document their industry-specific experience, obtain a recommendation for the Preliminary CTE Credential, and apply to the program. Approved candidates enroll in the CTE orientation course and immediately begin teaching. Subsequent courses include methods for instructing diverse student populations and best practices for lesson planning, assessment, safety, technology, and classroom management.

This immediate introduction to the intensive demands of teaching emphasizes mentorship. Candidates work closely with their school supervisor to identify a qualified and supportive mentor equipped to guide them through the challenges and long-term rewards of the profession. 


The online program is offered in a hybrid (remote) format. While there are no in-person classes, the learning format includes required, scheduled, synchronous online class meetings through Zoom, as well as asynchronous activities such as pre-recorded instruction, group activities, and discussion boards accessible through a special learning platform connecting you to cohort peers and an expert instructor.

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Click below to view the required and elective courses, if applicable, for this program.

Required Courses
Students must complete all of the following courses:
EDUC X 366.13
Typically Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
EDUC X 366.18
Typically Offered: Fall, Winter
EDUC X 366.14
Typically Offered: Winter
EDUC X 366.15
Typically Offered: Spring
EDUC X 366.16
Typically Offered: Winter
EDUC X 366.17
Typically Offered: Fall
EDUC X 327.2
Typically Offered: Fall, Winter
EDUC X 312.8A
Typically Offered: Fall, Winter


Qualifying Employment as a CTE Teacher. 

The CTE Credential Program at UCLA Extension is designed for qualified industry professionals who have received offers of employment to teach specific courses requiring a CTE credential. Your school district is an essential partner in this process. Plan to meet with your school employer to confirm your teaching position, identify your industry sector, and agree to program mentorship expectations. UCLA Extension does not advise candidates prior to these confirmations.

How to Apply

Applicants must complete each of the following steps in sequence:

  1. Meet with your school employer, confirm a teaching position, determine the appropriate industry sector for that position, and agree to program mentorship expectations.
  2. Determine your eligibility for the CTE credential in a specific industry sector.
  3. Submit completed work verification form(s) to the Upload page for review.
  4. Wait. Once our office confirms your eligibility, you can proceed to the final step. Apply to the CTE credential program at UCLA Extension and receive a recommendation for your preliminary credential.

If you are a UC Berkeley Extension Transfer Student, submit your application via the UC Berkeley Transfer CTE application page to continue your studies with UCLA Extension. For program related questions, email credentials@uclaextension.edu and note in your subject line "Transfer from UC Berkeley Extension." 

Estimated Cost Breakdown

All courses in this program are paid for individually, unless otherwise noted. An application form is required to establish candidacy in this program. From the 'Apply Now' button, complete the online application and pay the application fee if applicable.

Application & Candidacy Fee


Estimated Program Tuition


Estimated program textbook/materials


*The Application & Candidacy Fee establishes your candidacy in the program for a period of time covering normal progress toward completion and may allow you to access a variety of program benefits.

**Federal Financial Aid Gainful Employment Disclosures

The U.S. Department of Education requires colleges and universities to disclose certain information for any financial aid eligible program that, “prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation”. This information includes program costs; occupations that the program prepares students to enter; occupational profiles; on time completion rate; and for the most recent award year: the number of students who have completed the program, the number of students who complete the program within the estimated duration, the job placement rate, and the median Title IV and private loan debt incurred by those who complete the program. For gainful employment information for this program, visit our Financial Aid page.

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