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MGMT X 439.31
This course examines estate planning techniques designed primarily for individuals with estates of more than $5 million.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT 833.39
Learn about digital marketing for financial advisors including the use of social media and using LinkedIn for prospecting and creating webinar marketing funnels.
MGMT X 430.515
This course is part of the PFP Accelerated Online program and introduces students to the process of developing an estate plan, including federal estate and gift taxation, techniques that reduce the size of a gross estate, wills, intestacy, probate, and trusts.
Format: Online
MGMT X 439.3
This course is part of the PFP Evening/Online program and is designed to teach students to solve estate planning problems including a review of the impacts of recent tax law changes.
Format: Online
MGMT 833.379
The financial planner has a fiduciary responsibility that requires utmost good faith as a trusted advisor of their clients. Learn about ethical decision making and conduct specific to the financial planning profession.
Format: Online
MGMT 833.456
A meeting of the next generation of financial planners coming together to discuss the future of the industry.
MGMT X 430.391
This course covers the basic analytic tools and mathematical techniques used in personal financial planning and introduces the economic concepts underlying the profession. An HP 12C calculator is required.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
MGMT X 430.516
The course will require students to perform all functions of the financial planning process and apply the CFP Board’s Practice Standards.
Format: Online
MGMT X 430.511
This online course presents the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues affecting financial planners and continues with a discussion of the principles of risk management and insurance.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT 833.845
An free information session where you can learn more about our Personal Financial Planning, Enrolled Agent, Taxation, and Real Estate programs. This event also includes a special guest speaker from the FPALA who will cover Ethics in the Financial Planning field. The program qualifies attendees for continuing education credits for Certified Financial Planners (CFP).
MGMT X 430.513
This course emphasizes problem-solving methodology that includes case studies on the fundamentals of individual income taxation and the tax consequences for various forms of business.
Format: Online
MGMT X 430.33
This course examines the issues and determination of tax liability for numerous events and activities as they relate to a financial plan.
Format: Remote Instruction | Hybrid
MGMT X 430.35
This course analyzes fundamental insurance principles and the role insurance plays in financial and estate planning.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
MGMT X 430.383
This internship provides practical experience in a variety of financial planning job functions within the industry and is an opportunity to apply the material previously studied in your personal financial planning courses.
Format: Independent Study/Internship
MGMT X 430.512
The major topics covered in this course are security markets, reading the economic environment, and evaluating investment risk and return.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 430.32
This course introduces various market theories and the analysis of business cycles, analysis of individual companies and market analysis.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
MGMT X 430.38
This capstone course bridges academic coursework with actual practice management, introducing students to the skills and tools needed for developing a comprehensive financial plan for a client.
Format: Online
MGMT UL 722.36
Hear from our panel of experts in the financial planning industry who will talk about their experiences in the field during our 2-hour livestreamed event.
MGMT UL 722.24
Attend this free 1-hour live webinar to learn more about how UCLA Extension's CFP Board-approved Personal Financial Planning programs fit your needs and can help you reach your career goals.
MGMT X 430.514
This course emphasizes retirement-related issues such as preparing a needs analysis and reviewing qualified and tax-favored retirement plan designs and features.
Format: Online
MGMT X 427.904
Study the various retirement plans and other investment-oriented employment benefits for employees, opportunities for tax deferral and capital accumulation, and the advantages and disadvantages of various alternatives.
Format: Hybrid | Online
MGMT 833.374
This review is intended for those who are planning to sit for the CFP Certification Examination. Exercises review several case studies and employ the necessary techniques to approach the various types of exam questions.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 430.31
This course prepares you for learning the details of the financial planning process. Whether you are looking to sit for the CFP exam or enhance your personal understanding, this is the starting point.
Format: Online
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