Alvalyn Lundgren

Alvalyn Lundgren is an award-winning illustrative designer working with high profile companies and around-the-corner businesses alike. She began her career as an illustrator in 1981 and launched her current practice, Alvalyn Creative, in 1994. As director and designer of this boutique firm, she specializes in identity, print, web, and illustration. Her flagship clients include Southern California Edison and the City of Los Angeles. Her interest in art showed up early in her life. Drawing and painting throughout her childhood, she excelled in storytelling and draftsmanship. By her sophomore year in high school she decided to pursue an art career. She enrolled at California State University, Northridge as an art major and completed her junior year there before applying to Art Center, where she earned her BFA in illustration. Alvalyn has extensive experience in identity, publication and print design but her primary bent is toward illustrative design and visual storytelling. She relies heavily on her drawing skills and finely tuned aesthetic sensibility no matter what type of project she takes on. She almost always has her camera or sketchbook with her. Recent recognition includes the American Graphic Design Awards (2008) and the Aviation Marketing Association (2007). Alvalyn is a contributing designer to Create Magazine, West Coast edition. Alvalyn has taught color theory, drawing, illustration and design for 21 years and has been a UCLA Extension instructor since 1993. Learn more at
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