Design Graphics 1: Drafting and Drawing of the Built Environment

ARCH X 472.4D
Using Tongva Park, students study design, program, and planting. Drawing, observing, and creating a hand-drawn plan are the outcomes.

What you can learn.

  • Acquire working knowledge and use of scale, scale conversions, and proportions
  • Demonstrate the ability to make detailed observations of the built environment and apply them to graphic communication and decision making
  • Acquire working ability to use a drafting and drawing process
  • Acquire working understanding of 1- and 2-point perspective
  • Acquire the ability to select, draft and draw a section line and elevation from a 2D layout plan and express the 2D information in a drawn 3D vignette – 1- and 2-point perspective

About this course:

Students learn introductory drafting, lettering and drawing techniques as they relate to the field of Landscape Architecture and professional standards. All work product is developed from Tongva Park, a real site located in Santa Monica. At the end of this course, students make a presentation to the instructor and visiting guests. The students present a package of work product that includes hand drafting of a dimensioned site plan, section/elevations, and perspective vignettes.

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