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LAW X 420
Examine the fundamental laws and key legal topics that are integral to operating a business in today's legal environment.
Format: Online
AM IND X 492.03
This course explore real-world economic development strategies and projects from across Native America and evaluates the factors that contribute to their success and failure.
LAW X 407.2
This course is designed to be a companion to the oral communications course covering pre-writing essentials and more.
Format: Remote Instruction
LAW 800
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the criminal sentencing process in federal courts and learn the factors that impact how sentences are determined in federal convictions.
LAW X 490.02
This course provides an overview of the history of federal Indian policy, from European contact to the present. Students are introduced to the basic concepts of federal Indian law, such as who is an…
LAW 713
Learn about career opportunities in the legal profession as a paralegal from graduates, staff, and instructors of UCLA Extension's ABA-approved Paralegal Training Program.
Format: Remote Instruction
LAW 808.65
Explore the legal issues relating to the formation, maintenance and termination of family relationships.
LAW X 410
This introductory course is designed for legal professionals and will provide a rich foundation to understand, and proficiently work with, the technology utilized in the current legal environment.
LAW X 490
This course provides a broad overview of the most important issues involved in tribal legal studies, including an overview of tribal government; the history of tribal court systems, legal structure…
LAW X 407.3
This internship course provides eligible students with an opportunity to apply their paralegal studies knowledge to a real world legal environment.
LAW X 411
Gain case management skills which can be useful to any legal professional in today's law firms.
LAW X 490.01
Learn how to conduct legal research, analysis and writing with a focus on the federal, state, and tribal laws that affect American Indian/Alaska Native populations.
LAW 808.62
Acquire the legal substantive knowledge and procedural skills to support a law office as an administrative assistant or legal secretary.
Format: Online
LAW X 413
This course is designed to give an overview of various litigation and trial presentation technologies used in today's courtroom.
LAW X 407.1
This course provides a foundational summary of how to approach oral business communications.
LAW X 406
This ABA-Approved program provides training in the substantive and procedural law, ethics and professional responsiblity, and practical skills to work as a paralegal in California.
Format: Remote Instruction
LAW X 490.05
This course explores the topic of tribal cultural resource protection and management with emphasis on the challenges faced by tribal peoples from the lands now known as California. Indigenous people…
MGMT 808.72
This course covers fundamental legal concepts and practical aspects of immigration law.
LAW X 490.03
In this course students will study social and legal issues of violence against Native women.
LAW X 412
This course will provide a thorough examination of the process of electronic discovery and will cover both procedural and practical aspects in the context of current rules and case law.
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