Master Class Workshops in Creative Writing

A 9-month intensive program in revising a book-length work.

Revise a Full Draft in a Community of Writers

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Master Class workshops help writers polish a book draft from first page to last page, over 9 months of reflection, revision, and collaboration in a small, dedicated classroom community.

Each of up to 8 students is hand-selected by the instructor based on the promise of their work in progress and their desire to work side-by-side with fellow writers to improve not only their own work, but the work of their classmates.

The Master Class instructor moves students through exercises, discussions, and prompts that help them identify strengths and opportunities in their work. Guest speakers demystify the editing and publishing process that lay ahead. Special modules address later concerns like writing query letters and finding an agent.

By the end of the course, you’ll be well on your way to your next best draft and the information you need to get your book into the world.

How to Enroll

Select one workshop below. On the course page for your selected workshop, click the Enroll button and checkout to begin the application process.

Master Class in Creative Nonfiction

  • Review the elements of craft that make for powerful creative nonfiction
  • Discover how to weave universal themes into your next draft
  • Listen to guest speakers guide you through writing, revising, and publishing
  • Get feedback from a professional agent on your query letter and a manuscript excerpt

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Master Class in Novel Writing

  • Give and get feedback from similarly motivated writers working at a very high level
  • Forge a collaborative writing community with classmates over 9 months of work
  • Complete a thorough rewrite of your book
  • Get feedback from a professional agent on your query letter and a manuscript excerpt

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What You Can Expect

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High Quality Mentorship from a Master Instructor

Master Class Workshops are helmed by top Writers’ Program instructors, all of whom are accomplished writers themselves. Over their years of experience writing and teaching, they’ve developed helpful strategies, methods, and frameworks for approaching revision. Classes are designed to enrich the experience of the advanced student who is ready to dive deep into their work and approach revision with diligence and passion.

Inspiring Guest Speakers

Hear from successful writers, editors, and agents about how the life of a professional writer connects to the world of publishing. Speakers will help writers see the myriad opportunities for bringing their book into the world. 

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An Intensive Classroom Experience

Our small class size means each of the 8 enrolled students will get personalized support and feedback each step of the way, while developing the essential skills of working with other writers, sharing and receiving notes, and participating in a tightknit community of writers.

A four-day residency will offer opportunities to deepen bonds between students and provide additional opportunities for face-to-face workshopping.

Application Process

Admission to Master Class Workshops is by application only. The selection process is competitive. 

To apply, you’ll be asked to submit a draft of your book and a one-to-two page personal statement.

Participants will not be charged the full course fee unless they are selected for the workshop.

Master Class Student Benefits:

  • Free WP Now Membership (a $139 value) 
  • Get feedback on your opening chapters from a working agent
  • Invitation to submit to the Kirkwood Literary Prize and Allegra Johnson Writing Prize competitions

Contact Us

Speak to a student advisor. Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm.

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