Biochemistry: Biosynthetic and Energy Metabolism and Its Regulation


This course is a continuation of the biochemistry series and is geared towards pre-medical and pre-health students. It covers metabolism at a cellular, organ, and organismal level.


About this course:

This course discusses the metabolism of carbohydrates, fatty acids, amino acids, and lipids. Additionally, the course covers photosythetic metabolism and assimilation of inorganic nutrients. Finally, the course covers the regulation of these processes. Transferable for UC credit.
Suggested Prerequisites

It is advisable that you complete the following (or equivalent) since they are prerequisites for Biochemistry: Biosynthetic and Energy Metabolism and Its Regulation.

Life Science 2 and Life Science 3 (or Life Science 7A, 7B, and 7C), Life Sciences 23L, and Chemistry 153A with a grade of C or better.

What you will learn.

  • Understand enzyme-catalyzed reactions in metabolic pathways
  • Gain a broad understanding of carbohydrate, amino acids, and lipid metabolism
  • Understand the regulation and integration of metabolic pathways
  • Explore the resulting pathophysiological states from a mis- or dysregulation of metabolic pathways
  • Read and comprehend primary literature articles related to metabolism

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