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EDUC X 321.23
This online course offers principles and methods for supervising other adults in the early childhood classroom. Participants will learn to guide and mentor classroom aides, assistant teachers, and parent volunteers.
Format: Online
EDUC X 312.11
Learn strategies to create a classroom environment that supports the development of healthy social and emotional development and a positive sense of self in children.
EDUC X 124
This online course covers early childhood developmentally appropriate curriculum methods; creating learning environments; and effective early childhood management techniques.
Format: Online
EDUC X 321.15
Este curso enseña la preparación, planificación e implementación de currículos apropiados para el desarrollo de niños pequeños. Aprenderán a cómo construir un ambiente y cómo manejar comportamiento y socialización en el aula.
EDUC X 321.1
Este curso introductorio cubre la teoría del crecimiento y desarrollo infantíl de la etapa prenatal a los años intermedios. Los estudiantes aprenderán desarrollo físico, cognitivo, social y emocional y de lenguaje.
EDUC X 321.74
This online course introduces the components and implementation of a quality infant-toddler care program.
EDUC X 121
Learn about the development of young children. This online child development course covers developmental theory from prenatal through the middle years, including development across social and cultural contexts.
Format: Online
EDUC X 321.26
This is an introductory course on observation, documentation and assessment in ECE. Learn to create appropriate curriculum for your group, to document growth and thinking, and to use California ECE resources.
Format: Online
EDUC X 321.11
Este curso enseña las influencias culturales y sociales entre el niño pequeño, la familia, y la escuela. Explica la importancia de participación y compromiso entre la familia y la escuela para el éxito del niño pequeño.
EDUC X 321.39B
Este curso ofrece una perspectiva contemporánea del aprendizaje mediante el juego en la primera infancia. Aprenderán como el juego crea desarrollo óptimo en el cerebro infantil y la función ejecutiva.
EDUC X 321.37
This online course covers teaching methods and developmentally appropriate activities for developing language and emergent literacy skills to enhance reading readiness in young children.
EDUC X 321.31
This course offers an in-depth exploration of the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. Learn how its theory, philosophy, and principles relate to current early childhood education practices.
EDUC X 321.59
This online course covers guidelines for creating a safe and healthy environment for the young child, including emergency preparedness, health and public safety issues, and the nutritional needs of young children. 
Format: Online
EDUC X 321.19
This online course teaches students how to collaborate with parents for an optimal learning environment where children, parents, and teachers function as a team in the educational process.
EDUC X 321.61
This online course is designed for early childhood professionals at all levels to create inclusive learning environments for young children with special needs and to comply with legislative requirements of ADA and IDEA.
EDUC X 321.71
This online course introduces cognitive, physical and socio-emotional development of children from birth through 36 months. Students will learn appropriate, inclusive, and respectful care practices.  
EDUC X 321.12
Este curso introduce las historias y filosofías de los programas del cuidado de la primera infancia. Aprenderán los criterios de calidad, las estrategias y prácticas, y como satisfacer las necesidades de los niños pequeños.
EDUC X 123
Learn about early care and education approaches and how to identify quality care. Explore approaches, history, and development of early childhood education programs.
Format: Online
EDUC X 321.44
This online course covers how to plan and lead developmentally appropriate music activities for young children and how to incorporate music in your curriculum.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
EDUC X 321.6
This online course identifies the causes of disruptive behavior and presents strategies for eliminating it in early childhood classrooms.
EDUC X 321.41
This online course introduces conceptual development in science and math for young children. Students will learn to use the California Preschool Learning System and National Next Generation Science Standards to create inquiry- and play-based science and math experiences for children birth to age 5.
EDUC X 321.2
This online course in early childhood program administration offers an introduction to the logistical and philosophical details of planning and implementing developmentally appropriate care and education of young children.
Format: Online
EDUC X 321.21
This online course offers an overview of administration leadership principles in early care and education. Participants will learn about leadership, supervision, program evaluation, and professional development of staff.
Format: Online
EDUC X 321.246
This online course covers the practical application of key research and theory on first- and second-language acquisition for children from 0-5 years old.
EDUC X 312.42
In this online course, students learn theories of behavior change, cultural impacts on behavior, and how to create classroom environments and use strategies that help children to control their behaviors.
Format: Online
EDUC X 125
This online course provides a contemporary, research-based perspective of learning through play in early childhood settings, and how this supports optimal brain development and executive function skills.
Format: Online
EDUC X 122
Create social equity in the classroom and drive your school's parent engagement to improve children's outcomes. This online early childhood development course focuses on the social and cultural dynamics between the young child, the family, and the community.
Format: Online
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