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MGMT X 418.32
This course is the second in a series of three courses that provide thorough exposure to agile and lean methods in software, product development, and other high-tech projects. The series is…
Format: Online
This free online program is available for the entire quarter at your own pace and provides a comprehensive overview of the entire project management program and courses.
Format: Information Session
MGMT X 418.31C
This course provides thorough exposure to agile and lean methods in software, product development, and other high-tech projects.
Format: Classroom | Online
MGMT X 444.1
Learn the basics of Project Management, integrating theories with practical approaches to successfully fulfill projects from start to finish. Become a more effective project manager by influencing stakeholders and integrating all of the various processes using a standard framework throughout the lifecycle of your projects.
Format: Classroom | Online
MGMT X 443.4
This course covers project communication, motivation, conflict resolution, negotiation, stress management, and effective leadership in the project management context.
Format: Classroom | Online
MGMT X 443.5
This course is designed to increase your knowledge on effective approaches for contracting work outside your organization and the relationship between buyers and sellers for products or services.
Format: Online
MGMT X 444.6
Acquire hands-on training and experience on the project management framework and foundation using a real life, single project from start to finish. Maximize your learning potential on project management processes across all 5 stages within the project lifecycle learned from core courses.
Format: Hybrid | Online | Classroom
MGMT 799
In-person information session on the certificate and courses available in Project Management.
MGMT 843.1
This course helps participants prepare for taking the PMP® examination by providing an intense and structured review of all aspects of project management's framework by PMI®.
Format: Classroom
MGMT X 443.8
This course focuses on the tools and techniques project managers must master in order to effectively bring in each project work on-time and within budget.
Format: Online
MGMT X 443.6
This course reviews the pre-work required to build a schedule using MS Project tool and then progresses through the planning, tracking, and closing phases of project scheduling.
Format: Online | Classroom
MGMT X 444.3
Achieve competitive advantage applying data-driven improvement methodologies to manage quality measures on your projects to meet and exceed customer expectations. Sharpen your leadership skills to attain your project goals alongside team members and stakeholders and learn to use strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Format: Classroom | Online
MGMT X 444.4
Explore risk causes on your projects and examine impacts by the triple constraint, workforce, and vendors. Learn to apply optimized risk response strategies for successful execution and completion of your projects. Minimize risk impacts from procurement processes and sharpen your negotiation tactics to ultimately sign win-win agreements with qualified contractors.
Format: Classroom | Online
MGMT X 444.2
Apply the balancing trade-offs between scope, time, and cost as major duties for successful and cost-efficient project completion with high-quality deliverables meeting or exceeding timeline and budgetary targets. Learn to optimize your schedules and evaluate the compliance of actual work to the set project baselines using earned value management techniques.
Format: Classroom | Online
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