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C&EE X 438.4
This course provides an overview of the best management practices in the recycling and solid waste management industry.
C&EE X 409.1
This course introduces the fundamentals of developing and controlling documentation in the construction industry.
C&EE X 412.5
Examine all facets of the project management tools on a jobsite and the expected roles of the site management team.
Format: Online
C&EE X 407.3
An in-depth study of the current systems and techniques applied in construction planning, scheduling, control, and delay impact analysis.
Format: Classroom | Online
C&EE X 412.8
This course presents the software programs used to manage and control construction projects, specifically MS Project.
C&EE X 490.05
This course is an introduction and review of construction safety management principles and practices.
C&EE X 407.2
Study construction materials, equipment, methods, and regulatory influences including technology of basic building materials, interior and exterior finishes, plumbing and electrical and mechanical systems.
Format: Online
C&EE X 489.14
This course covers the fundamentals of electrical design and its integration with the construction of commercial buildings in compliance with the California Electrical Code (CEC) and other regulations.
C&EE X 438.3
This course provides an overview on developing and implementing environmental statutes related to the solid waste management and recycling industry.
C&EE X 412.1
Learn the basic procedures for estimating general construction costs. Topics include the preparation of quantity surveys (take-offs) and the development of material, labor, and equipment costs.
Format: Classroom | Online
C&EE X 407.1
Learn the basic principles and responsibilities of the construction management team and general contractor for commercial, civil and residential construction projects.
Format: Classroom | Online
C&EE X 489.16
This introductory course in Building Information Modeling (BIM) focuses on Autodesk's Revit Architecture as a platform for learning key principles in the design and documentation of building elements.
Format: Online
C&EE X 490.1
Learn the planning, design, construction, and project/construction management of horizontal infrastructure.
C&EE X 438.8
Learn both versions of the LEED Rating System, currently the centerpiece of the most innovative, effective aspects of green design.
Format: Classroom
C&EE X 408.75
Learn the common construction law errors, basic contract, and real estate principles in the construction context, contractor licensing, and bidding.
Format: Classroom
C&EE X 438.1
This course takes an in-depth look at the current and emerging technologies utilized in the recycling and solid waste management industry.
C&EE X 412.16
An introduction to structural analysis with a focus on the classification of structural elements and analysis of statically determinate trusses, beams, and frames.
Format: Online
C&EE X 438.6
This course provides an overview of the fundamentals of waste reduction, recycliung, and solid waste management.
C&EE X 412.9
An introduction to reading and analyzing construction blueprints including a review of the necessary mathematics, symbols, and drawn line interpretations.
Format: Classroom
C&EE X 438.5
This course provides an opportunity for students of the recycling and municipal solid waste management certificate to complete an individual research project to integrate the knowledge gained from the previous courses.
MECH&AE X 400.13
This course focuses on solar heating applications in buildings with an emphasis on solar hydronic plumbing systems.
Format: Online
C&EE X 438.9
This course explores the role of the energy manager in providing a meaningful, financially viable, and sustainable program.
EC ENGR X 425.10
This course helps individuals or organizations augment their home and/or business power requirements with solar energy.
EL ENGR X 425.10
This course is designed for individuals and organizations that are interested in augmenting their home and/or business utility requirements with solar energy.
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