Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)

UCLA Extension is an approved education provider

WIOA and UCLA Extension

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UCLA Extension is an approved education provider for federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a federally funded training and job program that creates a new approach, providing workforce investment activities through statewide and local systems. 

WIOA is designed to help job seekers access employment, education, training, and support services to succeed in the labor market and to match employers with the skilled workers to compete in the global economy.

Student Eligibility

Displaced or disadvantaged workers may be eligible for financial assistance for UCLA Extension certificate programs through the U.S. Workforce Investment Act. Please contact your local American Job Center to determine your eligibility and receive the required authorization.

Partner WIB's

UCLA Extension has partnered with the following Workforce Investment Boards that work with eligible candidates:

Explore Programs

UCLA Extension offers a number of certificate programs that help students build in-demand skills and prepare for careers in fields of high growth. Explore some of the most popular certificates taken by WIOA students at UCLA Extension.


Why Complete a Certificate at UCLA Extension?

  • Study online or in-person. We offer a variety of instruction methods to meet your needs.
  • Access to Handshake, UCLA Career Center’s online job board, with access to thousands of job and internship postings
  • Become a member of the UCLA Alumni Association (upon completing your certificate) and a nationwide network of Bruin family
  • Participate in the annual UCLA Extension Graduation Ceremony on campus to celebrate all your hard work
  • Access to UCLA Recreation* as a student affiliate
  • Open a UCLA Bruin ID Card* for a number of student-related benefits
  • Access to UCLA Extension’s Career Resources including online resources and networking events
  1. Identify the certificate program that matches your interest and needs. Please note that some certificates are restricted and require an application for admission into the program. Consult with the program contact requirements.
  2. Print the program curriculum listing courses required to complete the certificate program. Submit the program curriculum to your LWIA counselor. 
  3. Once you have been approved for WIOA funding, schedule an appointment with UCLA Extension’s Financial Aid Office (information at the bottom of the page) to complete your paperwork. 
  4. Schedule an appointment with the UCLA Extension certificate program advisor/representative who will help you to develop a WIOA Enrollment Plan.
  5. Once your WIOA Enrollment Plan is complete and signed by both you and your certificate advisor, submit it to the Financial Aid office for final signature to enroll in the program.
  6. Once enrolled, send a copy of your enrollment verification to your certificate advisor so books and materials can be ordered for you. Books can be picked up at the program department. 
  7. Once enrolled, you will also be invited to an orientation which provides an overview of student resources, career support, rights and responsibilities, accessibility and disability, and more.
  8. During the fifth week of the quarter and again at the end of the quarter, sign and submit a Certification of Attendance form to the Financial Aid office for each course in which you are enrolled. This form must be submitted during the fifth week of the quarter for the first four weeks, and again at the end of the quarter for the final four weeks. 

Please be advised of the following conditions of this program:

  • The UCLA Extension Financial Aid Office is not authorized to approve students for WIOA funding, nor may counsel you on your eligibility or on available WIOA funding. Please contact an American Job Center counselor to secure funding. Be sure to tell them that UCLA Extension is on the Eligible Training Providers List (ETPL). We also encourage them to review Information for Referring Counselors to confirm referral eligibility.
  • WIOA funding requires all related enrollment and attendance forms (specified in the enrollment instructions) be signed and submitted or student’s risk being dropped from their UCLA Extension course/program. 
  • UCLA Extension requires that WIOA funding recipients maintain a minimum progress standard of a letter grade C in every course. Courses may not be repeated using WIOA funding, so you will be required to pay out-of-pocket if a required course must be repeated.
  • If you need to extend the date of your WIOA contract due to an emergency, approval from your American Job Center counselor must be sent in writing to the Financial Aid office.
  • You will be required to submit Certification of Attendance to the Financial Aid office and provide a copy to your job center counselor.
  • Your job center counselor will require a report of your academic progress. A verification of enrollment report can be printed through our Student Portal.
  • Notify the UCLA Extension Financial Aid Office immediately if you make enrollment or program changes. All UCLA Extension drop and withdrawal policies will apply.
  • WIOA funds cannot be used toward parking permits.

Important Notice
UCLA Extension does not defer fees. Applicants who are not fully funded by their work source center will be required to pay the difference in full at the time of enrollment. For example, if a UCLA Extension certificate program fee is $5,000 and the Work Source Center funding/approved amount is only $4,000, you will be required to pay the difference in fees. In addition, students enrolling under the WIOA program are not eligible for any discounts.

As a potential student, what should my first steps be to utilize the WIOA?
Search the Public Training Vendor Database under UCLA Extension for eligible certificate programs, then contact your local American Job Center to determine your eligibility and receive the required authorization.

After I find a Work Source Center, what should be my next steps?
The Work Source Center will send a Referral Notice to create a contract with UCLA Extension that will show the cost of the Program and the time frame to complete the program. Please wait for a full contract between all three parties. Once created, each party (Work Source Center, UCLA Extension and student) will sign and confirm your enrollment at UCLA Extension.

The contract is fully signed, what do I do next?
Once the contract is signed by the Work Source Center, UCLA Extension, and the student, you will create a Student Profile. Record your Student ID (a series of numbers with an “X” in front) and share it with the WIOA coordinator. 

Next, complete a Contact Information form and review the Student Contract. This contract confirms your commitment to participate in all required academic activities determined appropriate to assist you in improving your academic skills and comply with UCLA Extension guidelines governing the WIOA Program. You will then send these two documents and a copy of your photo ID to the WIOA coordinator.

After I submit all of the paperwork, what is next?
The WIOA coordinator will inform the program department of a potential student and create an enrollment form. This enrollment form will be used for each quarter of the contract dates. The program department will reach out to you and discuss your course selection of each quarter. Once you confirm your selected courses, you and the program department representative sign the enrollment form. The representative will send the form to the WIOA coordinator and your enrollment will be processed. Enrollment confirmation will be emailed to you after it is processed.

How do I retrieve my books and materials for my course?
The program department representative will order the required books and materials for each quarter once they receive a signed Enrollment Form from the WIOA coordinator.

What are these attendance forms for?
These forms must be completed accurately to maintain funding under the WIOA attendance certification requirements. This form must be completed after the fifth AND last class meeting of courses attended at UCLA Extension. If enrolled in an online course please use the first date of the course starts then the same day of the week for each consecutive week. The Class Time should be general hours you work online such as 7-10pm.

Moving forward, how do I enroll in each quarter?
After submitting your attendance sheet after the fifth meeting of our course(s) in your current quarter, the WIOA coordinator will send the program department representative and yourself an enrollment form for the upcoming quarter.

The Work Source Center is asking for my grades in my previous course(s). How do I retrieve my grades?
You can request an unofficial transcript by logging into your student portal. It will show all courses you have taken at UCLA Extension and it's corresponding grade. You can download the unofficial transcript and send it to your Work Source Center.

Due to issues, I cannot attend during my current quarter. What do I do?
You can request to drop courses before the drop deadline. This date can be found in the enrollment confirmation email received from your WIOA coordinator. If you request to drop after the deadline, you will need to send an email to UCLA Extension's refund coordinator at who may ask for further documentation for your request.

My contract end date is coming soon and I cannot complete the program in time. How do I request an extension for my contract?
Reach out to your Work Source Center to request an extension. The Work Source Center will then work with the WIOA coordinator for your request.

Referring Counselors

If you are a referring counselor, learn more about the terms, payments, incomplete programs, and reports that will guide you to assist students.  

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