As a Certificate graduate, you are part of the Bruin family.

Congratulations Graduates!

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Your UCLA Extension certificate not only signifies your hard work and dedication but also grants you membership to the UCLA Alumni Association, cementing your place within our diverse and vibrant Bruin community.

As a member of this esteemed network of over 500,000 alumni worldwide, you are now connected to a wealth of support and opportunities that will empower your continued success and growth.

In many ways, your relationship with UCLA Extension has just begun, and we are delighted to witness your ongoing personal and professional accomplishments and are here to serve as a valuable resource as you embark on this exciting new chapter.

UCLA Alumni Association

Membership in the UCLA Alumni Association gives you access to exclusive professional benefits, events, and opportunities, as well as a global network of Bruins ready to connect with you wherever you go.

Explore the myriads of resources, events and programming that you can now take advantage of.

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Access your membership
Create and manage your membership through the UCLA Alumni Association registration page.

UCLA Extension Alumni Relations

To stay updated on the latest events and opportunities, share your accomplishments, and learn more about our new Alumni Relations program, contact your Director of Alumni Relations, Nisha Chauhan-McGrath (

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Learn how we can help your organization meet its professional development goals and corporate training needs.

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