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MGMT 760.12
Explore the challenges and obstacles in the creative process faced while working within the framework of an organization, and learn techniques to develop, generate, and communicate ideas effectively.
MGMT X 497.59
Designed for individuals or partners who are starting a new business, this course teaches the realities of starting and managing a new business, from idea to operation
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 497.610
The foundation of a successful business is a solid business plan. This comprehensive course dives into the details of developing a plan, and students emerge with a first draft of a sound business plan.
Format: Online
MGMT X 497.52
Starting a new business venture requires an understanding of the business landscape. This survey course explores the essentials factors for turning an idea into a successful business.
Format: Hybrid | Online
MGMT X 497.615
Designed for business owners and decision-makers, this course dives into business models and strategies that equip companies to thrive and reach the next level of success.
Format: Hybrid | Online
MGMT X 497.611
For owners and key employees of small to mid-size companies, this course covers all aspects of financial management and provides tools need to grow your business.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 497.613
The building blocks of a successful business require a strong operational foundation. Learn about how to build a sound structure and efficient systems to effectively manage your business.
Format: Hybrid | Online
MGMT X 497.614
For small business owners, it is vital to understand the legal landscape and have negotiating skills. This course will overview the key legal regulations, and build your skills in the art of negotiation.
Format: Online
MGMT X 497.612
For entrepreneurs or small business owners, gain the skills needed to successfully market your business, and improve your bottom line.
Format: Online | Hybrid | Remote Instruction
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