Connective Leadership for the 21st Century

MGMT X 493.11

The 21st century has ushered in a new wave of management development and leadership practices. This course presents new leadership models needed to collaborate, coordinate, and work within current global contexts.


What you can learn.

  • Identify the characteristics of today's leadership challenges
  • Examine the impact of technology and global connectivity on business and leadership practices
  • Learn how the global marketplace is changed by high technology manufacturing and rapid movement to services economies
  • Assess your own leadership behaviors, and develop techniques to adjust behaviors for context
  • Learn to analyze situations and choose the appropriate leadership response

About this course:

There is a new wave of management development and leadership practices. The scientific, human relations, customer service, and business focus practices are already baked into today's practices, but the Internet, with its global connectivity, creates demands for substantially new leadership challenges. The world today is not only a global marketplace with diverse customers, vendors, and workers, but is largely defined by high technology manufacturing (including advanced robotics producing everything from almost invisible semi-conductors to automobiles and aircraft) and rapid movement to services economies. Information flows at the speed of light via fiber-optic cables and laser while artificial intelligence and related software immediately translates all communications into virtually any language or dialect. Product development teams may span multiple countries with many collaborators never meeting face to face. Collaborations can be very short term (project-by-project) or long-term (strategic planning) with employees connected online 24/7 operating outside traditional hierarchies. Organizations are lean, connected, competitive, and staffed by knowledge workers who have global instantaneous access to real-time news, databases, and market related information. This course introduces the new leadership models needed to collaborate, coordinate, and make the most of our modern working environment and resources.

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