Influencer Marketing: Employing Influencers

MGMT X 460.381

Incorporating influencers into a marketing campaign is more than merely asking social media stars to endorse a product. This course overviews the strategies and plans to successful employ influencer marketing.


What you can learn.

  • Understand how to determine whether or not influencers can be leveraged in a marketing campaign
  • Research and critically evaluate influencers to align with business goals
  • Learn to legally and strategically integrate influencers into a marketing campaign

About this course:

Today's consumers are dispersed over thousands of media platforms that are saturated with content and advertising. That's why marketers are struggling to even generate awareness, least of of all sales, on a cost-effective basis. Consequently, many are turning to influencers: individuals who already have large, attentive followings that they can persuade to action. Successful influencer marketing, however, requires more than merely asking social media stars to endorse a product. Without a well-planned strategy based on critical evaluation, marketers risk losing money, time, and opportunities; damaging their brands; and even violating federal regulations.  In this course, students learn how to research, evaluate, and employ the right influencers for their markets and how to legally and strategically integrate them into marketing campaigns that achieve specific goals. 

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