Abstract Painting

ART X 450.10

Through a series of studio-based creative projects, complete at least three works and expand your ability to create a respond to abstract art.


What you can learn.

  • Work with oil or acrylic paint on canvas or panels
  • Improve your color skills
  • Learn techniques for composition and improvisation
  • Participate in demonstrations, one-on-one discussion, and group critiques

About this course:

This studio-based course introduces students to abstract painting and expands their ability to enjoy and respond to abstract art. Students improve their color skills and learn techniques for composition and improvisation. The course also focuses on creating dynamic color interaction and compelling pictorial space. Each project addresses these themes in different ways using an open strategy for starting the painting and a process of working through formal challenges. Students can work with oil or acrylic paint on canvases or panels. Instruction includes brief demonstrations, studio projects, one-on-one discussion, and group critiques. Students should expect to complete at least three works during the course. Lectures also touch on formalism in relationship to representational art and the impact of form on content.
X 5C Beginning Oil Painting or X 5D Beginning Acrylic Painting, or equivalent experience.

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